Dr Marleen Boerjan retires as Director of Pas Reform Academy

4 March 2020

Dr Marleen Boerjan retires as Director of Pas Reform Academy

After 20 years of outstanding scientific dedication and achievement, Dr Marleen Boerjan has retired as Director of Pas Reform Academy.

Dr Boerjan joined Royal Pas Reform in 2000. As director of research and development, she was deeply involved in advancing the company’s development of new incubation, climate-control and automation products.

As a senior scientist in developmental biology her work included in-depth studies into the influence of breeder management and the incubation process on chick-embryo development. This helped to progress understanding of the effects of genetic advancement on the performance of commercial breeds.

Marleen also played a key role in delivering comprehensive training programmes in all aspects of modern hatchery management, for customers worldwide. She was responsible, too, for the international publication of articles, covering a broad spectrum of hatchery management related topics – from care for the eggs and practical hatchery procedures, to the placement of high-quality, uniform, day-old chicks.

“I have been very fortunate to work for such a great company,” says Dr Boerjan. “My job has allowed me to engage with so many hatchery people around the world, and it has been a privilege to help support them in their goals.”

Harm Langen, CEO of Royal Pas Reform commented: “I want to thank Marleen for all she’s done for the development and progress of our company. Over the past 20 years, she has become both a leading authority and a tutor – a mentor and an inspiration to hatchery personnel around the world. We wish her the very best in her retirement.”

Incubation specialists Eline Holtslag and Lotte Hebbink succeed Dr Boerjan in this role.

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