DanHatch Poland on track to hit hatchery targets

24 March 2016

DanHatch Poland on track to hit hatchery targets

DanHatch Poland is on track to meet production targets of 115 mio day-old-chicks each year by 2016, since expanding its hatchery operations with advanced SmartPro™ single stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform.

The company, formerly Hama Plus until January this year, has commissioned four generations of Pas Reform incubators since its formation in 1998. Through a regular program of upgrades over the years, every generation of machine is still fully operational, compatible and optimised by Pas Reform’s recent innovation, the SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system.

With SmartCenterPro™, effectively an ‘Internet of Things’ approach for the hatcheries, every device or system at every level of DanHatch Poland’s extensive hatchery operations can be seamlessly connected and data enabled. Using advanced, web-based technologies, this produces the most detailed monitoring, management, analysis and batch reporting for every hatch cycle, with comprehensive Track and Trace capabilities despite minimal data entry.

Combined with the significant savings being realized through innovative energy-saving features in the hatchery’s incubation, ventilation and heat recovery systems, and the high level technical collaboration between DanHatch Poland and Pas Reform Academy, the long-standing partnership between the two companies is, says the company’s Co-Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board Marek Kryzysztoszek, a powerful alliance.

“We have always believed in building the business on a foundation of absolute quality. It is a reflection of our understanding and respect for our customers.

“With that central principle, we have been and remain committed to innovation, in technologies and processes, that support both our own and our customers’ ambitions, while also enabling us to meet the demands and challenges that come with growth.”

Pas Reform’s sales director Erwin Prinzen has worked closely with Hama Plus, then DanHatch, over the past 3 years. He says: “In its 18th Anniversary year, DanHatch Poland will realise more than 500 per cent growth, from 20 million to 115 million day old chicks per year.

“Pas Reform was committed to supporting Hama Plus as it built its leading position in Poland. We remain equally dedicated to our partnership in the future, as DanHatch further extends the Company’s influence and profile across Europe.”

Erwin Prinzen, concludes: “This is an ambitious project. DanHatch is committed to achieving market leadership through quality at every level of its operations - and Pas Reform looks forward to contributing to the company’s continuing growth in Poland.”