Philippines-based Masagana Farm installs Royal Pas Reform Smart™ technology

27 October 2020

Philippines-based Masagana Farm installs Royal Pas Reform Smart™ technology

Philippines-based egg production enterprise Masagana Farm is developing its first hatchery facility – to provide its own supply of layer hens for its highly successful fresh-egg sales operation. Based on Royal Pas Reform’s integrated hatchery solutions, when complete, it will provide the family run company with the capacity to produce up to 2 million day-old female chicks per year.

Located in Bulacan, near Manila on the Philippines’ main island of Luzon, Masagana Farm is installing 6x SmartSetPro™-2 setters, including Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF™) and Energy Saving Module (ESM™), and 2x SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. The company plans to carefully manage the facility’s output to meet consumer demand for table eggs, to avoid flooding the market and protect the industry.

Willy Uy, Masagana Farm’s founder and CEO, comments: “Our goal is backward integration and self-sufficiency. Before this project, we purchased day-old chicks from other hatchery companies and had to rely on their delivery schedules. Their quality is top notch, and we are very happy with their service, but we now want to control the input date as much as we can.”

Masagana Farm, which celebrates 30 years in 2021 and supplies business and consumers in the Bulacan and Manila areas, says it chose Royal Pas Reform equipment for its hatchery on the basis of its simple design and reputation for good customer service – following a recommendation from a local partner company.

“Engineering issues were a special challenge for us,” say General Managers Wilbert and Erwin Uy. “We don't have in-house engineering. Royal Pas Reform’s Representative in the Philippines, FSI (Filtration Solutions, Inc.), assisted us in plans, installation and commissioning. Also, their engineers are very quick to respond to queries and assist in any way they can.”

Bas Kanters, Royal Pas Reform’s Sales Director says: ”When Masagana Farm approached us to discuss this game-changing operational development, we were able to demonstrate the clear benefits of our integrated solutions – which are designed to produce the highest number of best-quality chicks and thereby help to maximise our clients’ revenues and profits. We wish Masagana Farm every success for their future growth.”