The second generation of the Wasikowski family leads Poland’s ZWD Czarne hatchery into the future

1 April 2021

The second generation of the Wasikowski family leads Poland’s ZWD Czarne hatchery into the future

Photo caption: Wiesllawa and Marek Lewandowski, Jan Wasikowksi’s proud successors, are pictured centre with their son Mateusz outside the ZWD Czarne head office. Niels Stam and Hans Mateman of Royal Pas Reform are to the left and Jaroslaw Piankowski of Jarmax is on the right.


The thriving family hatchery business ZWD Czarne was founded more than 50 years ago by Jan Wasikowski in Czarne, Poland. Today, the second generation of Wasikowskis are managing the company – proud successors of Jan, who are continuing a thirty-year partnership with Royal Pas Reform.

Marek Lewandowski and his wife Wiesllawa Lewandowski, who is founder Jan’s daughter, (pictured, centre) are building on a strong heritage and using their great drive and energy to lead the company into the future ­ based on Smart, future-focused technology from Royal Pas Reform.

Jan Wasikowski started his business in 1967 and ZWD Czarne quickly became known as ‘Jan Wasikowski’s Hatchery’. He adopted Pas Reform incubation systems more than 30 years ago. In 2006, in a bid to increase production inline with growing opportunities in their domestic market, the hatchery took the decision to transfer its operations to single-stage, closed-door, Smart technologies.

Over the years, the hatchery has grown organically, with the addition of several smaller extensions. In addition to investment in new setters and hatchers, the company also embraced hatchery automation systems. In 2014, ZWD Czarne installed the intelligent SmartCount™ counting and dosing system, and Pas Reform’s climate control equipment. By early 2019, the setting capacity had increased to 56 million day-old chicks per year.

ZWD Czarne’s partially integrated operations also include parent-stock farms, to produce Ross and Cobb day-old broiler chicks for sale into the domestic poultry meat production market. “Today, our hatchery is fully programmable – to optimize production across a variety of breed and age-related incubation programs," Marek Lewandowski explains.

Throughout this time, Wasikowski’s Hatchery has received service and support from Royal Pas Reform’s agent in Poland, Jarmax – which provides rapid supply of spare parts from its locally held stock. Royal Pas Reform’s Sales Director Niels Stam says: “We are very proud to have worked with Jan Wasikowksi, and now his daughter and son-in-law, for so long, and we look forward to continuing that strong relationship in the future.”