Moy Park chooses SmartPro™

10 March 2016

Moy Park chooses SmartPro™

Pas Reform’s Smart hatchery technologies have been selected for an expansion project at Moy Park’s hatchery in Ashbourne, Derbyshire (UK).

SmartPro™’s modular, single-stage design and the adoption of Pas Reform’s space-saving 162 setter tray allows incubation conditions to be fully optimized to specific profiles for each batch of eggs set. This maximizes chick uniformity, while at the same time enabling a large hatching capacity to be achieved in a small footprint.

Pas Reform’s innovative SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information software delivers monitoring, control and detailed data analysis at every level of hatchery operations. With batch-specific Track and Trace capabilities, the system also generates full incubation cycle reports automatically for every batch set.

Pas Reform’s sales director, Erwin Prinzen, says: “We are delighted to have been chosen once again for this important expansion project and look forward to supporting the company’s ambitions for future growth.”

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