Indonesia’s Cahaya Technology Unggas scales up with Smart™ technologies

11 October 2021

Indonesia’s Cahaya Technology Unggas scales up with Smart™ technologies

Cahaya Technology Unggas (CTU), the poultry breeding division of South Korea’s Harim Group in Indonesia, is increasing its hatchery capacity. Targeting a 5% annual production increase in 2021, this development will further strengthen the company’s integrated business in the region.

CTU recently celebrated the first hatch of parent stock and broiler chicks from its new GPS and broiler hatcheries in Pandelang, Banten – supporting customer demand in Banten and parts of Sumatra.

Both hatcheries make full use of Royal Pas Reform’s single-source capabilities. The GPS hatchery project includes SmartSetPro setters and SmartHatchPro hatchers and a SmartHeat unit – for short periods of heat treatment during egg storage.

Each setter is equipped with Royal Pas Reform’s Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF), which ensures that the incubation environment meets the metabolic needs of each developing embryo. The hatchers are equipped with SmartWatch, which controls humidity and CO2 levels in the hatcher to optimize the hatch window for every cycle.

The installation also includes hatchery automation and climate control. Royal Pas Reform’s SmartCenterPro hatchery management software provides monitoring, control and detailed data analysis at every stage of hatchery operation. With batch-specific track-and-trace capabilities, the system also generates full incubation cycle reports for every batch set.

Pas Reform Academy will provide a hatchery management training programme, as well as on-going monitoring and advice – to tailor the hatchery’s incubation programmes for peak performance.

Bas Kanters, Royal Pas Reform’s Sales Director Asia, says: “We have worked closely with CTU throughout the development process. From sales and commissioning, hatchery planning, project management and installation, to after sales, technical back-up and training services. CTU is an ambitious company and we are proud to be working with it to deliver on its expansion strategy.”