Uganda’s Kukuchic expands with Royal Pas Reform technologies and service

8 December 2021

Uganda’s Kukuchic expands with Royal Pas Reform technologies and service

When Ferenc Elshof and Jankees Sligcher from Royal Pas Reform visited the Kukuchic hatchery in Uganda to discuss expansion plans, they saw at first-hand how the poultry sector in Africa is developing and adopting the latest technologies.

Driving through Kampala, Uganda’s bustling capitol city, with Dr.Wesley Rutto, Kukuchic’s Managing Director, is no easy task. It is a sign of a developing economy straining to burst out of its present situation.

The same analysis holds true for the Kukuchic hatchery, which is situated in Nakaseke, some 75 km outside of Kampala. The journey took two hours of driving and all of this time was efficiently used by Dr. Rutto – who made a number of calls to satisfy his customers.

The first impression of the Kukuchic farm complex, a breeder farm and hatchery, is good – with breeder houses very much in the ‘African’ style and a hatchery that deserves the Royal Pas Reform ‘extra touch’.

Kukuchic had not been satisfied with the performance of their initial equipment supplier. In 2019/20 a first extension project was carried out with Royal Pas Reform incubators, including 2 SmartSetPro™ 6 setters and 2 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. The hatchery’s subsequent performance convinced Dr.Rutto’s team that the existing production level of 250,000 chicks per week warranted a further extension of 6 more setters and 6 more hatchers, as well as HVAC.

Dr.Rutto says: “I was impressed with the pre-delivery service of Royal Pas Reform’s project management team. We are also looking forward to the further training by Pas Reform Academy as well as the continued support through our SmartCare™ Service agreement.”

Ferenc Elshof, Project Manager at Royal Pas Reform, and Jankees Sligcher, Business Development Director Africa, comment: “Our site visit made it clear to us what needs to be realised in the rapidly developing countries of Africa. Investment in the fast-growing African poultry sector is sound – if the correct guidance can be found. Royal Pas Reform prides itself in the complete solutions and the careful guidance that it can provide to develop state of the art operations in Africa.”

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