Pilgrim’s Georgia hatchery performance excels with SmartPro™ from Pas Reform North America

22 December 2021

Pilgrim’s Georgia hatchery performance excels with SmartPro™ from Pas Reform North America

Pilgrim’s, the second largest poultry producer in the USA, and part of JBS Foods, chose Pas Reform North America for renovation of its hatchery in Talmo, Georgia. The installation includes 11 SmartSetPro™ NF18 setters, with 9 SmartSetPro™ NF6 hatchers, operating on a 54-egg tray platform. A SmartCenterPro™ hatchery management system provides complete monitoring and control of the equipment and also allows for remote support and advice by Pas Reform Academy specialists. 

Joe Steed, Director of Hatchery Technical Services at Pilgrim’s, comments: “Pas Reform North America has been an excellent partner throughout this project. They have been very helpful training our team and strengthening our ability to maximize performance. As everyone knows, there is a learning curve when transitioning to single-stage incubation, and Pas Reform has done an excellent job of making this as smooth as possible for us.”

“The opportunity to bring single-stage incubation to Pilgrim’s Talmo hatchery has been a great experience,” says Steve Warren, President of Pas Reform North America. “We have worked alongside the Pilgrim’s team both during the project concept phase and installation, and we continue to work closely together in the operational phase. Regular visits have proven to be very helpful, and we are excited about the performance we have been able to achieve and what we can still accomplish in the future.”

Pilgrim’s Hatchery Manager, Timothy Taylor, comments: “The renovation has been operational since the first quarter of 2021 and the results have been excellent. We have seen improved hatch results and feed conversion, and our hatchery-performance ranking within the company has improved tremendously.”

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