Pas Reform and NatureForm bring the future into focus for Aviagen France

26 January 2016

Pas Reform and NatureForm bring the future into focus for Aviagen France

Aviagen has awarded the contract for the renovation and expansion of its Ross PM3 and Ross 308 GP hatchery in France to Pas Reform.

Working in partnership with US-based sister company NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, Pas Reform has combined 132 egg flat setter tray compatibility with the most advanced SmartPro™ hatchery technologies, to engineer a state-of-the-art solution for Aviagen France that sets a benchmark in terms of environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability.

The Ross PM3 remains an enduring favourite in France - and as Aviagen’s Ross brand celebrates 60 years at the forefront of poultry breeding and genetics, the Grandparent stock hatchery at Champtocé sur Loire will, says hatchery manager Louis du Boberil, become a centerpiece in the company’s plans: a model for increasing production, saving energy and operating at peak efficiency and biosecurity, while at the same time increasing hatching capacity by 50 per cent, to more than 6.5 million broiler breeders per year when it becomes fully operational in the second half of 2016.

Designed for optimum performance, Pas Reform’s web-based SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system will register precise incubation climate data from NatureForm’s Smart™ NF-12 setters and Pas Reform’s SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, seamlessly integrating and optimizing the entire incubation cycle, while enabling personnel to monitor and adjust incubation climates both on and offsite via PCs, Smartphones, tablets or their home internet connections, if necessary.

Energy efficiency and optimum bio-security are key features of the 3,500m2 hatchery complex. A range of energy-saving features include advanced heat recovery systems, ESM™ Energy Saving Modules on every incubator and regulated controls for every pump, air handling unit and exhaust fan, to align energy usage to real-time productivity. Atmospheric pressure-control in every room maximizes bio-security throughout the hatchery’s strictly one-way product flow.

Pas Reform’s Wim Hazekamp led the team responsible for the project. He says: “The requirement to retain 132 egg flat trays for Aviagen France’s GP hatchery redevelopment created a relevant opportunity for Pas Reform to work with our US partners at NatureForm on this project. The result is a highly integrated, precision-engineered, sustainable hatchery environment, purpose-designed to deliver Aviagen France’s plans for the future.”

Louis du Boberil concludes: “Having completed the first incubation cycles, we are now finetuning to fully implement all the new systems - and based on what we have seen so far, we expect significantly reduced heating and energy costs, enhanced bio-security and improved product flow and processing within our first year of operation.

“This is an exciting and important project for Aviagen France and a centerpiece in fulfilling Group ambitions for the future.”

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