Appointment Makterm as specialist installation and service partner in Turkey

5 July 2023

Appointment Makterm as specialist installation and service partner in Turkey

Makterm has been appointed by Royal Pas Reform as its sales, installation and service representative in Turkey. Makterm, a family-owned business which was founded in 2016, is headquartered in Istanbul with a manufacturing facility in Adana. The company produces a range of hatchery climate control solutions for the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets, and is specialized in the electro-mechanical installations of hatcheries.

Makterm is able to offer turnkey HVAC systems for hatchery customers – including design, fabrication, installation, after-sales service and support.

Makterm’s CEO Bekir Turunç says: “We have the capacity to provide spare parts and on-site technical service to every region of Turkey within 24 hours.” Mr Turunç has previously worked in the hatchery and slaughterhouse facilities of Beyza Chicken – Turkey’s leading integrated chicken company for over 30 years.

Commenting on the appointment by Royal Pas Reform, Mr Turunç says: “The need for affordable protein in our region is increasing and the demand from consumers for ready-made food is accelerating. These developments are driving rapid growth in the poultry sector. In the face of increasing input costs, the industry requires more efficient hatchery facilities and improved hatching quality. Royal Pas Reform’s focus on fully integrated, connected process control means it is ideally positioned to meet the poultry industry’s requirements.

“It is a source of both pride and confidence to the Makterm family that we are now working with a company that is such a driving force in the global hatchery market and which understands the requirements of businesses in the developing world.”

Gregory Vanputte, Royal Pas Reform’s sales director comments: “We are delighted to be working with the Makterm family in Turkey. Their experience and expertise in this sector will help us to provide our customers with high quality, integrated technical solutions to produce the highest number of best-quality chicks.”

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