Avicola La Guasima invests in SmartPro™ technologies to develop Venezuela’s leading hatchery

23 October 2023

Avicola La Guasima invests in SmartPro™ technologies to develop Venezuela’s leading hatchery

Avicola La Guasima, a professionally run business based in Valencia, Venezuela, is investing in a new, integrated SmartPro™ broiler hatchery from Royal Pas Reform, which will include SmartPro™ incubators, a HVAC climate control system and full automation.

The company chose to work with Royal Pas Reform to achieve its ambition of creating Venezuela’s leading hatchery – both in terms of efficiency and also to ensure maximum bio-security, quality and traceability for its chicks.

The new hatchery is equipped with 30x SmartSetPro™-6 setters, with a capacity of 132,192 eggs each, and 30x SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, each with a capacity of 22,032 hatching eggs. The two separate hatch rooms will create a weekly setting capacity of more than 1.2 million eggs. 

The SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information software will super-connect data from the entire hatchery. Integrated data from incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems produce a unique cycle report for every batch of eggs, including full traceability information with details of chick uniformity, setter and hatcher climate, hatchery climate and alarms.

The fully integrated solution does not stop when installation is complete. Avicola La Guasima and Royal Pas Reform have worked together to customize a SmartCare™ preventative maintenance and hatchery support contract that will proactively involve both company’s teams to maintain optimum hatchery performance.

“The building has been designed to optimize work-flow efficiencies and avoid cross-contamination,” says Elias Rubén Maica Morillo, Royal Pas Reform’s representative for Venezuela. “Our SmartPro™ setters and hatchers have been developed with maximum biosecurity in mind. Moreover, SmartCenterPro™ software is a powerful tool that enables La Guasima to deliver full traceability.”

Royal Pas Reform’s Sales and Marketing Director, Bouke Hamminga comments: “This is a milestone for Royal Pas Reform and the Venezuelan industry. As the world's only provider of fully integrated hatchery solutions, it is a truly exceptional opportunity for us to supply and install a project of this size and caliber.”

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