Smart redevelopment paying off for Kazakhstan’s Kysylzhar-Kus

25 October 2015

Smart redevelopment paying off for Kazakhstan’s Kysylzhar-Kus

Following new investment and a repurposing of facilities from egg to broiler meat production, Khazakhstan’s Kysylzhar-Kus in the Pavlodar region is on track to meet 70 per cent of local demand for broiler meat in its first phase of operations, with a recently commissioned Smart hatchery from Pas Reform delivering strong performance.

The new hatchery includes SmartSetPro™ setters, each with a capacity of 57,600 hatching eggs, SmartHatchPro™ hatchers and a complete HVAC system to combat the high cost of energy in the Northern region of Kazakhstan.

The new facility, which also incorporates nine broiler houses, a slaughterhouse, feed mill and plant for meat and bone meal production, is served by its own boiler and water supply and has created employment for 130 people.

Talking about its production, general director Nikolai Rudenko says: “The first phase will produce 4,000t of poultry meat per year, which provides for 70 per cent of local market demand.

“Further, phase two expansion will double capacity to 8,000t, which will fully meet the needs of local consumers.”

The hatchery’s first chicks were from Ross breed hatching eggs, supplied by Karagandinskaya PF.

Mr Rudenko concludes: “To perform strongly on the market, we opted for Smart™ incubation technologies from Pas Reform to give our new broiler operations the best start.

“We are delighted both with the hatchery installation and with the dedicated support that we have received from Pas Reform’s project team throughout the whole project.”

In addition to installing and commissioning Kysylzhar-Kus’ new incubation and HVAC systems, Pas Reform Russia has provided project engineering services and will continue to support the hatchery with regular field visits and technical support from Pas Reform Academy.