Hukuru selects SmartPro™ for their expansion in Zimbabwe

22 September 2015

Hukuru selects SmartPro™ for their expansion in Zimbabwe

Hukuru and its sister company Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks produce Ross genetics for the broiler market in Zimbabwe with a current capacity of 300,000 day old chicks per week.

With plans to increase production, the Company is embarking on a three-phase expansion programme that will enable the production of 450,000 day old chicks in its final phase.

Hukuru selected SmartPro™ setters and hatchers, says Gordon Brown, co-owner and CEO, not only for their excellent quality, but also for their flexibility in expansion. “We are very impressed with the ability to convert the SmartSetPro 4™ setters into SmartSetPro 6™ setters. This degree of flexibility fell very much in line with Hukuru’s expansion plans and was a lynchpin in the finalisation of the contract.”

Hukuru has, says David Bookless, shareholder and production manager of the company, also been impressed by Pas Reform’s hatchery consultants.: “In 20 years of working with other incubation companies, none has ever sent out an expert of the quality of Martin Barten to audit my hatchery.”

Picture: David Bookless. Shareholder and production manager.


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