Granja Rodriguez Serrano hatchery upgraded in record time

4 September 2015

Granja Rodriguez Serrano hatchery upgraded in record time

Global vaccine egg supplier VALO BioMedia has upgraded its European Granja Rodriguez Serrano hatchery in Spain in record time, with new setters from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

The 17-setter installation, a new for old replacement programme, was completed in a record two-week timescale by NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, avoiding any disruption to production in the vaccine hatchery.

“With extensive experience in the vaccines market, NatureForm totally understood the very specific requirements for this project,” says NatureForm CEO Steve Warren. “Within 14 days, all the existing machines were dismantled, floors were repaired, electro-mechanical works were completed and the new setters were installed, ready to resume incubation in line with Granja Rodriguez Serrano’s time-critical production schedule.”

Valo BioMedia is a leading global supplier of vaccine eggs, which are used to produce both human and animal vaccines, as well as for pharmaceutical research purposes. Alongside Spain, the Company has facilities in Germany, Brasil, Mexico and North America, for a localized presence that is critical to working in partnership with its research and pharma clients worldwide.

With a long history of working with NatureForm incubation, Granja Rodriguez Serrano decision for the replacement of setters in the Spanish hatchery was, says Antonio Rodriguez Serrano, Manager Granja Rodriguez Serrano, a logical choice. “NatureForm has always been an excellent, knowledgeable and responsive partner in the past.

“As a vaccine egg supplier, our production schedules are extremely time-sensitive. This refurbishment enabled us to continue meeting our current commitments, while also ensuring that Granja Rodriguez Serrano is primed and ready for future growth, as a result of increased demand for vaccine eggs in the market.”


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