Pas Reform Academy teams up with Ross Zambia to train hatchery managers in Africa

29 June 2015

Pas Reform Academy teams up with Ross Zambia to train hatchery managers in Africa

In collaboration with Ross Zambia, Pas Reform Academy has recently hosted a five-day Hatchery Management Training Programme in Lusaka, Zambia.

More than 25 hatchery managers from across the Continent attended, with participants from Ross clients in many African countries, including Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The course provided a focused opportunity for delegates to share their own experiences and insights, while at the same time learning more about the very latest developments in embryology and incubation.

Now well-established worldwide by Pas Reform Academy, the five-day training format delivered a combination of practical, hands on learning at Ross Zambia’s new, state-of-the-art broiler hatchery, with interactive presentations hosted at the Protea Hotel, in nearby Lusaka.

Training Pas Reform

The training programme was led by Pas Reform’s senior poultry specialist, Gerd de Lange and senior hatchery specialist Martin ‘Tiny’ Barten, with additional presentations from Ross Africa’s Raymond Laing, Dean Houston from Immunovet and Loutjie Dunn from Nutrifeeds.

Bishop Soka, Charles Stewart’s hatchery manager, summed up for all the attending deegates, with a message of thanks to the team delivering the course: “These five days have filled our heads with many ideas: a much better understanding of the egg, what happens to it during incubation – and how important this is to achieve a healthy broiler after hatching.

Hatchery management training Pas Reform Academy and Ross Zambia thumb

“Everything we have learned over these five days will be of value to us as practitioners in our day-to-day practice and to the performance and results of our hatcheries. Our thanks to the organisers: we hope that you will continue to run this course, to enable many more hatchery personnel in Africa to benefit from your experience and better themselves professionally.”

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