Smart hatchery remodelling for Busung Farms in South Korea

1 June 2015

Smart hatchery remodelling for Busung Farms in South Korea

South Korea’s Busung Farms Co. Ltd. has remodelled its Busung breeder hatchery, replacing its previous installation with SmartPro™ single stage incubation from Pas Reform to deliver improved hatchability and chick quality.

The new hatchery also incorporates vacuum lifting, transfer systems, chick counting and washing machines from Pas Reform, with the capacity to set almost 470,000 eggs each week. The hatchery supplies Ross, Arbor Acres and Indian River day old chicks for Busung’s own HapDeok, GoeSan and BaRan breeder farms, as well as supplying a quarter of a million breeders to contract farms in the region.

Owner and President Mr. Ik-Gyun Kim chose SmartPro™ hatchery technologies from Pas Reform after a careful evaluation of the incubation systems currently available from a number of well-known suppliers. With the focus on chick quality and hatchability, Mr. Kim was, he says, also looking for superior levels of support from his hatchery supplier.

“Pas Reform’s advanced SmartPro™ incubation system was highly recommended by other members of the Korean Poultry Breeders Association,” he said, ”This combined with very good reports on the after-sales service provided by Pas Reform’s Korean agent Il-Seung Co. were important factors in reaching a final decision.”

South Korea’s poultry sector has experienced steady growth in recent years, with increased parent stock production to meet anticipated rises in demand and the growing popularity of poultry for retail consumption, as a less expensive alternative to beef and pork.

picture: Mr I. K. Kim, President Busung. 


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