Pas Reform Russia receives special Award at VIV Russia

27 May 2015

Pas Reform Russia receives special Award at VIV Russia

May 21st, VIV Russia, Moscow: Members of VIV Russia organisers VNU have presented Pas Reform Russia with a special Award to mark the company’s 10th Anniversary.

At a party hosted by the Russian Poultry Union (RPU) on the final day of this year’s VIV Russia, Pas Reform Russia’s founding directors Wim Schaafsma and Anna Kolygina received the award on behalf of their 18-strong, Belgorod based team.

Since its launch in 2005, Pas Reform Russia’s commitment, said managing director Schaafsma, has been to support growth in the region’s poultry sector with innovative hatchery technologies, world-class support and logistics and crucially, full access to the latest scientific research and hatchery management training programmes, provided by Pas Reform Academy.

“Pas Reform Academy has been pivotal to the development of collaborative partnerships with our customers in Russia and the C.I.S.,” he said, “The poultry sector here has evolved dynamically over the past decade, to be dominated now by large, progressive integrations with a focus on food safety, sustainability and animal welfare.”

Commercial director Anna Kolygina added that with sustained growth and restructuring in the sector, great strides had been made to resolve the region’s dependence on imports. “With more than 100 projects realised throughout Russia and the C.I.S., more than 2.5 billion hatching eggs per year are being incubated using Smart hatchery technologies.”

With a 50% share of the market, Pas Reform Russia now dominates the sector in Russia and the C.I.S. with its Smart single stage incubation, hatchery automation and climate control solutions. “Reaching this 10 year landmark is an important moment for Pas Reform Russia, “ concluded Wim Schaafsma, “we look forward to supporting continuing growth and development in the region’s poultry sector for many decades to come.”