The super-connected hatchery: Pas Reform unveils launch plans for VIV Asia 2015

24 February 2015

The super-connected hatchery: Pas Reform unveils launch plans for VIV Asia 2015

Pas Reform will reveal a new era of super-connectivity for the modern hatchery when it launches its latest innovation, the SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system, to a global audience at VIV Asia in Bangkok.

SmartCenterPro™ is the first hatchery software to fully enable data gathering from every process in the hatchery. Incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems can all be seamlessly connected: a web-based, ‘Internet of Things’ approach, says the company’s CEO Bart Aangenendt, capable of the most comprehensive data capture from every layer of hatchery operations.

Mr. Aangenendt, who will attend VIV Asia in March, continues: “Food safety, sustainability and animal welfare are business-critical issues for the poultry value chain. Increasing consumer awareness of the origin and safety of food means that today’s retailers and fast food chains demand complete traceability from their suppliers. Meeting this demand is shaping the future for modern hatcheries.

“SmartCenterPro™ has been developed in consultation with our customers and partners, to deliver detailed hatchery monitoring, management, analysis and reporting. From the origin of the hatching eggs at the breeder farm, to the receipt of the day old chicks by the customer’s farm, SmartCenterPro™ makes short work of charting, refining and reporting on every event in the hatchery journey.”

SmartCenterPro™ will be officially launched at VIV Asia, with Pas Reform’s Director of international business development Bouke Hamminga, delivering a session on Effective Data Management for the Future-focused Hatchery, in the Incubation 2015 conference programme.

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