Pioneering Pronavicola first to sign for SmartPro™ incubation technologies in Colombia

19 August 2014

Pioneering Pronavicola first to sign for SmartPro™ incubation technologies in Colombia

Pronavicola, one of Colombia’s leading companies in the poultry sector, is embarking on a multi-phase hatchery expansion project for its broiler operation in Buga (Valle del Cauca) with a complete SmartPro™ single stage incubation system, the first in Colombia, from Pas Reform.

Phase one of Pronavicola’s expansion includes the installation of 3 SmartSetPro™ setters, each with a capacity of 115,200 eggs and 6 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, each holding 19,200 eggs.

The project will also include a full HVAC system from Pas Reform, to deliver heating, cooling and air conditioning capacity capable of meeting the future needs of the hatchery’s multi-phase expansion. In addition, with eggs being delivered to Pronavicola’s Buga hatchery on setter trays as standard, installing a classification line for the hatching eggs not only overcomes setter tray incompatibility, but also allows the setting of all the eggs into four weight ranges to help reduce the hatch window for improved day old chick uniformity.

Pronavicola is well established in the Colombian poultry industry and the company took care to critically review all its available options before selecting SmartPro™. The company visited a number of existing SmartPro™ hatchery operations outside of Colombia, to meet customers already using Pas Reform’s most advanced single stage incubation technologies.

Mr Raymundo Gonzalez, Pronavicola’s production director explains: “These site visits created an excellent opportunity for [us] not only to see SmartPro™ in action, but also to hear from hatchery owners and managers who, without exception, were very positive about their relationships with the company. All talked about being part of a Pas Reform ‘family’, clearly valuing the support of Pas Reform Academy and the quality of technical backup that they routinely received from the Pas Reform team.”

Mr Gonzalez continues, “In Colombia, much attention is paid to day old chick uniformity and taking these two steps, the use of modular single stage incubation and egg classification at the same time, will greatly help us achieve the best day old chick quality on the market.”

Rodrigo Pardo, Pas Reform’s representayive in Colombia, comments, “It takes courage to be the first to adopt a new incubation system in an established market. Pronavicola has taken this landmark step and Pas Reform looks forward to working in partnership through every phase of this project, to ensure that every ambition is realised both now and in the future.”



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