Krasnodonskaya commissions Pas Reform for Smart turnkey hatchery project in Russia

31 July 2014

Krasnodonskaya commissions Pas Reform for Smart turnkey hatchery project in Russia

OAO Krasnodonskaya Poultry Farm has signed an exclusive agreement with Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform for the design and installation of a new 27 mln. eggs per year turn-key Smart™ hatchery project in Volgogradskaya region, in the South of Russia.

Krasnodonskaya, the largest producer of poultry and pork in the Volgograd region since 1996, operates on a closed cycle system and before construction of the new project incubated 11 million eggs per year.

The new hatchery will deliver additional hatching egg capacity in a fully integrated turn-key project that incorporates SmartSet™ and SmartHatch™ single-stage incubation systems and a full suite of hatchery automation equipment, including automatic egg positioning and setting, stackers and destackers, automatic egg candling and transfer with integrated in-ovo vaccination system and washing machines, as well as comprehensive climate control and ventilation systems throughout the new facility.

After an in-depth evaluation of the options available for such a project, Krasnodonskoe chose Pas Reform for its market-leading position in single-stage incubation, combined with the company’s competence, experience and understanding of the complete poultry value chain.

“We wanted a fully integrated approach to the development of our new hatchery,” says general director of OAO Krasnodonskaya, Ruslan Gashuk, “and found that Pas Reform’s capability and resources extended not only to delivering a complete technical solution in their setters, hatchers and ventilation systems, but also that they could provide experienced project management to fully support the development of this major project.”

Pas Reform’s project team has designed the entire hatchery layout, including detailed plans for hot and cold water plumbing and drainage, and the facility’s complete ventilation systems.

In recent years KHK OAO Krasnodonskoe’s modernization program has covered the feed mill and slaughterhouse, as well as the modernization and construction of broiler sites. With the new hatchery facility in place, the company will produce 36,000 tons of poultry per year.