SmartSetPro™ corridor setter

Modular setter for hen eggs for the most advanced developments in modular, single-stage incubation

SmartSetPro™ corridor setterSmartSetPro™ corridor setter


The modern hatchery manager’s goal is to produce large numbers of uniform, robustday old chicks. SmartPro™ is the only system that meets this requirement, by uniquely combining four key features: modular incubator design, a new Vortex™-based airflow principle, AMF™ Adaptive Metabolic Feedback and the ESM™ Energy Saving Module.

With the lowest number of eggs per temperature regulated system in each section, SmartSetPro™  incubators allow for maximum uniformity and optimal climate conditions for each batch of eggs. The mechanical turning mechanism ensures a foolproof and reliable setter tray tuning system, without the need for pressurised air supply. Tray turning itself is inline with the airflow, which enables optimal ventilation conditions for each, individual setter tray.

How it works

  • Modular incubator design enables the precise control of temperature, humidity, O2 and CO2 in large incubators
  • Separate temperature sensors allow each section of up to 22,032 eggs to be heated and cooled individually for a fully homogeneous environment
  • Due to its specially designed shape, Vortex™ acts as an air pump, actively bringing fresh air into the setter, recirculating air very effectively to create uniform incubation conditions and promote homogeneous temperature
  • AMF™ Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (optional) ensures that the incubation environment meets the metabolic needs of the growing embryo, controlling ventilation such that both relative humidity and carbon dioxide do not exceed set points. Ventilation and humidification is kept to the minimum, to allow for uniform temperature distribution
  • ESM™ Energy Saving Module (optional) makes the RPM of the Vortex air pump fully programmable, reducing motor energy consumption significantly in specific phases of embryonic development where it is not needed

Technical specifications

SmartSetPro™ CorridorUp to 22,032 hen eggs
SmartSetPro™ 2/2L CorridorUp to 44,063 hen eggs
SmartSetPro™ 3 CorridorUp to 66,096 hen eggs
SmartSetPro™ 4 CorridorUp to 88,128 hen eggs
SmartSetPro™ 6 CorridorUp to 132,192 hen eggs
HeatingIntegrated heating or electrical heating
CoolingIntegrated Water cooling system with 34 vertical, parallel coils in each incubation sectionheating or electrical heating
VentilationVortex™ air pump system in each incubation section
Set points per sectionSeparate temperature setpoints for each 4 trolley-section of up to 20,736 eggs
Incubator controlSmartTouch™ user interface


SmartSetPro™ corridor setter

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