SmartTray™ 126 for turkey

For turkey eggs. Open, spacious grid promotes the free movement of air for more uniform heat and humidity distribution

SmartTray™ 126 for turkeySmartTray™ 126 for turkey


Designed to cradle hatching eggs of any size safely, SmartTray’s™ open construction is proven to deliver uniform airflow during incubation. This helps to create an optimal environment for the growing embryos, promoting turkey poults of the highest quality.

How it works

  • Supports hatching eggs at two positions: suitable for large and small eggs, with specially shaped support points to fit all egg sizes
  • Open, spacious grid: prevents the development of ‘dead spots’ in the incubator and allows free movement of air for the uniform distribution of heat and humidity
  • Maximum protection for the egg: prevents hairline cracks - ideal for farm traying
  • Ergonomic design: lightweight, smooth finish for comfortable, easy handling
  • Built-in Microban® (optional) for the life of the product kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria on the tray surface

Technical specifications

Capacity126 turkey eggs
Dimensions (LxWxH)732 x 506 x 37 mm
Weight1.2 Kg
MaterialResistant to strong disinfectants and UV stabilized to prevent deterioration


SmartTray™ 126 for turkey

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