SmartHatchPro™ hatcher

Modular hatcher for hen eggs. Fully automated hatching system, to product healthy, highly uniform day old chicks

SmartHatchPro™ hatcherSmartHatchPro™ hatcher


Fully automated, modular hatching system, with Vortex™-based airflow for the accurate regulation of temperature, heating, cooling, humidity and ventilation, produces healthy, highly uniform day old chicks. Modular hatcher control prevents cross contamination from older to younger batches, because eggs of different ages need not be mixed.

Incorporates SurroundCooling™, a system of cooling circuits integrated into the smooth, anodized aluminium walls of the hatcher. Securely placed and compartmentalized sensors in the central operating console allow for high pressure cleaning without risking damage.

All surfaces, fixings and finishes are designed to resist the ingress of moisture and bacteria, preventing the creation of dirt traps.

How it works

  • Stacked hatcher baskets filled with eggs are positioned inside the SmartHatchPro™ on dolleys
  • The automatic hatching program assures optimal climate conditions for the embryo’s by carefully controlling cooling and ventilation settings
  • Sectional incubation allows the hatch window to be monitored
  • Increases and decreases of humidity result in an automatically generated message when the majority of the chicks have hatched
  • After unloading, the machine is easily and thoroughly cleaned due to smooth anodized aluminium panels without the exposed cooling coils of conventional systems
  • An electrical heating device assures optimal temperatures for drying and pre-heating

Technical specifications

Capacity Hen 150 egg tray19,200 (16 Dolley)
20,400 (17 Dolley)
Capacity Hen 162 egg tray20,736 (16 Dolley)
22,032 (17 Dolley)
Capacity Duck 126 egg tray14,112 (16 Dolley)
Height/width*/depth (mm) 2459 (+300) / 3184 / 2211 (+72 for central operating console)
*Add 51 mm for standalone incubator
Number of Hatcher dolleys 5
Heating Electrical heating
Cooling SurroundCooling™: 12 parallel water cooling circuits, incorporated in aluminium cabinet walls
Humidification Nozzle or humidity roller
Incubator control SmartTouch™ user interface, including multiple machine control
SmartWatch™ (optional)Hatch window module including fully integrated sensor box, with high precision electronic humidity and CO2 control


SmartHatchPro™ hatcher

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