Spray vaccinator

For vaccination against Infectious Bronchitus and Newcastle Disease

Spray vaccinator


By creating a mist of vaccine due to the combination with compressed air, maximum inhalation of the vaccine by the chicks is ensured. A transparent drift guard ensures an ideal spray-image, avoiding vaccine drift and wastage. A detection system automatically registers the presence of a chick box, so that spray is only applied when chicks are present.The unit is easily refilled during operation.

How it works

– This automatic spray unit may be placed using a bridge over the output conveyor of the chick counting and boxing system or SmartCount system, for inline vaccination at the point of discharge or used as a standalone unit.
– Compressed air vaccine spray is activated automatically as each chick box passes underneath.
– By inhaling the vaccine spray, day old chicks are protected against various deseases like Infectious Bronchitus and Newcastle Disease

Technical specifications

Capacity900 chick boxes/hour or 90.000 chicks per hour
Air consumption0,2 ltr/min. at 6 bar
MaterialStainless steel AISI304 with durable see- through plastic protection covers
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.535 x 940 x 1.200 mm
Weight43 kg


Spray vaccinator

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