Vaccination carousel

For the efficient vaccination of day old chicks

Vaccination carousel


Create a well-organised work flow, with comfortable, ergonomic operator stations for the efficient vaccination of day old chicks. Chicks are picked easily from the rotating carousel conveyor belt and after vaccination, can either be placed into a chick box for transport, or alternatively via the central trough to a discharge conveyor for further handling. The carousel is supplied with a practical, universal connection system for vaccine bags and fully compatible with various kinds of vaccinators. Durable, stainless steel design makes the carousel easy to clean for optimum hygiene.

How it works

  • The vaccination carousel comprises one slowly rotating conveyor on a stainless steel frame. Up to nine supports for vaccinators can be installed around the carousel, which supplies operators continuously with day old chicks for vaccination and boxing
  • Day old chicks are supplied to the carousel via an infeed conveyor
  • Operators pick the chicks from the conveyor to apply the vaccine manually in the correct position
  • If counters are installed on the vaccinating equipment, chicks can be manually boxed. Alternatively, vaccinated day olds can be collected via the central trough on the discharge conveyor for transporting to the next station in the automation process

Technical specifications

Work stations 4, 6 or 9 work stations
Capacityest. 2,000 - 2,500 chicks/operator per hour
Installed power 0.06 kW excl. conveyors
Height 1000 mm
Diameter 4p: 1500 mm, 6p: 2000 mm, 9p: 2720 mm
Material Durable, easily cleaned stainless steel AISI304
OptionalChick discharge conveyor for further handling of vaccinated day old chicks


Vaccination carousel

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