Chick box destacker

To automatically convert a stack of clean chick boxes to single boxes ready for re-use

Chick box destacker


For the safe, stable destacking of chick boxes, the destacker automatically breaks down a stack to supply  empty chick boxes ready for re-use, for example to a counting and boxing system. With various layouts and positions possible, the destacker is suitable for use in every hatchery situation.

Easy-to-run and operator friendly with very low noise/vibration emissions. Requires zero-to-minimal maintenance for a long life.

How it works

  • A stack of empty chick boxes is transported to the destacker
  • The stack is automatically loaded into the destacking unit
  • The destacker raises the entire stack upwards, leaving the bottom box on the conveyor, which is transported to the transport conveyor system
  • The remaining stack is lowered onto the conveyor and the entire stack, without the bottom box, is then raised again
  • This sequence is repeated until the entire pile of boxes has been destacked and a new stack is loaded into the system

Technical specifications

CapacityUp to 1,200 chick boxes/hour
Max. lifting capacity 250 Kg
Installed power 7 kVA
Air consumption 2.0 m3/hour at 8 bar
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1648 x 1600 x 1635 mm (excl. conveyors and manual loading station)
Material Constructed of stainless steel AISI304 for easy cleaning with high-pressure equipment
IncludingEasy operating control unit and adjustable stack height


Chick box destacker

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