Chick box dolley

For safe and stable transportation of empty or full chick boxes

Chick box dolley


Highly durable, heavy duty galvanised steel construction with large diameter swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. Upwards adjustable central guiding tube locks to fix a stack of chick boxes securely onto the dolley. In its lowest position, the guiding tube is compact and easily movable when no boxes are placed onto the dolley. Easy to clean.

How it works

  • The central guiding tube is placed in the upper position and fixed to pull a stack of boxes onto the dolley
  • The guiding tube with top lock is lowered to stablize and fix the stacks of boxes onto the dolley
  • Once the boxes have been moved into their final position, the guiding bar is unlocked and the stacks of boxes can be unloaded from the dolley

Technical specifications

Capacity 2 stacks of maximum 16 boxes each
Dimensions (LxW) 1050 x 606 mm
Maximum height 2180 mm (16 chick boxes)
Suitable for Chick box 600 x 400 mm
Weight19.5 Kg
MaterialHeavy duty galvanised steel


Chick box dolley

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