Heat exchanger set

To optimise performance in setters with integrated heating/cooling functionality

Heat exchanger set


For warm water delivered at the correct temperature and pressure, to optimize performance in setters with integrated heating/cooling functionality. Supplied fully assembled, with integrated circulation pump, heat exchanger, water filter, differential pressure regulator, automatic air-relief, two expansion tanks, overpressure safety valve, thermometers and manometers.

How it works

  • The heat exchanger separates and maintains the primary central heating circuit from the secondary heating/cooling circuit of your setters
  • To eliminate water shocks and ensure that sufficient pressure is maintained.

Technical specifications

Heating capacity> 100 kW
Power consumption> 0.176 kW
Material> Copper piping, Brass coupling & Steel brackets
Dimensions (LxWxH)> 1000 x 510 x 980 mm
Weight> 52.6 Kg


Heat exchanger set

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