Egg room cooler

For reliable climate conditions in storage rooms

Egg room coolerEgg room cooler


To maintain reliable climate conditions in egg storage rooms, this dual discharge air cooler delivers a highly efficient coil block, low air velocity and low noise levels. State-of-the-art dual fan speed EC motors and enclosed design, spray-tight fan motors are enclosed in a durable aluminium, epoxy coated casing, fitted with a hinged drip tray construction.

Compact size and low profile for efficient use of cold room space. Heavy duty coil and casing materials, for a long operational product life.

How it works

  • Cooling is achieved by evaporation in a refrigerant
  • Gaseous refrigerant is compressed to increase its pressure and temperature, cooled to saturation temperature, condensed to liquid at constant pressure and temperature and finally sub cooled at a constant pressure
  • The liquid refrigerant expands in the expansion valve, causing a considerable drop in temperature and pressure and evaporates in the evaporator
  • Low temperature and pressure remain practically constant during this part of the cycle. The heat required for evaporation is extracted from the medium to be cooled.

Technical specifications

HU-400H capacity5 kW cooling / 3 kW heating
HU-600H capacity9 kW cooling / 3 kW heating
Refrigerant R407C
Material Epoxy coated aluminium
Dimensions (LxWxH)2300 x 1200 x 1000 mm


Egg room cooler

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