Hatchery Talks® - Lighting recipes for broilers before and after hatching

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Hosted by Erica Bongers, 18 October 2023 8:00 PM GMT+2

Would you like to learn more about the specific strategies that Pas Reform Academy recommends in relation to lighting recipes for broilers before and after hatching? Now you can!

Watch the Hatchery Talks® webinar. During this 20-minute intensive webinar, your host – Animal Lighting Application Specialist, Erica Bongers – will discuss:

  • How chickens see light and how light can be applied in the barn
  • How light can improve the welfare of chicks
  • How circadian rhythm during hatching can lead to improved results

Erica will be on-line throughout the webinar, together with Incubation Specialist, Lotte Hebbink from Pas Reform Academy, to answer all your burning questions.

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Hosted by Erica Bongers

Animal Lighting Application Specialist, Signify

If you require any additional information on this webinar, please don't hesitate to contact me.