Russia’s Miratorg returns to Smart hatchery tech for further expansion

13 September 2017

Russia’s Miratorg returns to Smart hatchery tech for further expansion

Russia’s Miratorg Agribusiness Holdings is investing in further expansion for its poultry business, Bryanskiy Broiler, with a second commission for incubation and climate control from Pas Reform. This latest expansion will increase hatchery capacity by 8 million eggs per year.

As a leading producer of beef and pork for domestic markets, Miratorg replicated its business model to launch its vertical poultry integration with Pas Reform’s Smart hatchery technologies in 2012. In the four years since, Miratorg has developed a market-leading poultry operation, which includes a hatchery with the capacity for 75 million eggs a year, a feed mill with an annual capacity of 360 thousand tons and 19 poultry and meat processing plants. The company is now one of the largest poultry producers in Russia.

In this latest phase of development, Miratorg’s hatchery will be expanded with 12 SmartSetPro™- 2 setters, each with a 38,400 egg capacity, as well as climate control. Pas Reform’s SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system will provide end-to-end real-time monitoring, control and reporting across every level of hatchery operations, to enhance workflow efficiencies and quality control and deliver complete traceability for every hatch.

Pas Reform has also supported the development of the new project with engineering, technical specifications and design, to deliver high-level bio-security throughout the hatchery.

Having achieved its aims of increasing domestic poultry meat production, expanding its range and developing a network of branded stores, Miratorg now intends to expand distribution and increase Bryanskiy Broiler’s exports. The fast-growing poultry business is already certified to supply countries in the European Union and produces halal standard chicken meat for CIS markets and further abroad.

The company is systematically investing in advanced production technologies, new product development, logistics and quality control at every stage of the production chain, to provide consumers with a wide range of tasty, healthy chicken meat.

“Miratorg’s products are known all over Russia,” says Ilya Serdyukov, LLC Bryanskiy Broiler’s General Director. “Customer confidence is the best reward for us”, he continues, “Today, Bryanskiy Broiler supplies more than 80 different kinds of poultry products to its stores and we will continue to please consumers with delicious, interesting new products.

“Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ hatchery technologies mirror our vision of quality and efficiency, “says Brian Glennie, Poultry Project Manager. “They were the logical choice when we launched Miratorg’s poultry business - and with the new innovations and developments that Pas Reform has developed since then, they remain the right choice for us as we look to the future.”