Ukraine’s Oril-Leader improves hatchability and chick quality with SmartPro™ expansion

18 May 2017

Ukraine’s Oril-Leader improves hatchability and chick quality with SmartPro™ expansion

Having selected Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ single-stage incubation technologies for the expansion of its hatchery, Ukraine’s largest poultry farm, Oril-Leader, is seeing a marked improvement in hatchability and chick quality, as it doubles capacity to meet growing demand for its poultry products.

Located in Dnepropetrovsk region, new hatchery equipment includes 10 SmartSetPro-6™ setters, using 150-egg capacity trays to accommodate up to 115,200 hatching eggs each and bringing total capacity up to 75 million eggs per year.

The SmartSetPro™ setters incorporate modular design, Pas Reform’s Vortex™-based airflow principle, Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™ (AMF™) and the Energy Saving Module™ (ESM™), to optimize uniformity and climate conditions for each batch of eggs.

Reconstruction has also included the building of five new farms, bringing the total to nine and a slaughterhouse which has increased capacity to 9,000 chicks per hour. The reconstruction was finished in 2016.

Oril-Leader was founded in 1980, joining Mironovsky Hleboproduct, the largest poultry complex in Ukraine, in 2001. The launch of the newly reconstructed and expanded poultry integration has already created 300 local jobs and the company’s investment will, says Mr Uteshev, Oril-Leader’s general director, double its production capacity to meet rapidly growing demand from customers.

“Where we have already introduced single-stage incubation at our hatchery, we have seen a marked improvement in hatchability and in the quality of the day-old chicks,” he says, “and with Pas Reform’s support, we have created a strongly motivated, well-trained team and a very successful, highly innovative operation.”

Pas Reform’s regional sales manager, Boris Marchenko, concludes: “Oril Leader is one of our oldest customers. We are delighted to see the company being so successful and look forward to working with them as they continue to expand their market.”