Kazakhstan’s Alel-Agro fuels expansion with SmartHatch™

3 April 2017

Kazakhstan’s Alel-Agro fuels expansion with SmartHatch™

JSC Agro Alel, a large and well-established poultry integration in Kazakhstan, has expanded its hatchery operations with the addition of new SmartHatch™ hatchers from Pas Reform. The new hatchers will increase Alel-Agro’s total hatching capacity on 2 million eggs a year.

Alel-Agro’s collaboration with Pas Reform began when the company commissioned a full set of Smart™ incubation technologies for its brand new 32-million eggs a year hatchery in 2007. Pas Reform also provided planning for the project, from designing the hatchery’s layout, routing plans, floors, drains and ceilings, to engineering its ventilation, water and electrical systems, while at the same ensuring that future expansion plans could be smoothly implemented.

This was, says Alel-Agro’s CEO Raziya Zhatakpayeva, a smart decision. “The company’s production capacity has increased to 34,000 tons of poultry meat per year,” she says, “and our intention is to increase that still further by almost 30 per cent, to an annual production volume of 45,000 tons by 2017.”

Established in 1998, the Alel-Agro integration currently includes the hatchery, six poultry farms, a feed mill, slaughterhouse and sorting center. With a vision for achieving quality and sustainability, the company has opted for advanced technologies and modern equipment from the very beginning. “Our aim at all times is to meet or exceed international standards,” explains Ms. Zhatakpayeva, “Our country consumes about 300,000 tons of poultry meat every year and with the production and sale of poultry and meat products as our core activity, our focus is on delivering continual growth in terms of production and quality control.

“This we continue to achieve by ensuring products of excellent quality for our customers: a job made much easier with the support and knowledge of Pas Reform’s specialists.”

Pas Reform’s general director Wim Schaafsma concludes: “We understand that every operation is unique and our team has worked hand-in-hand with specialists at Alel-Agro, to support highly optimized workflows within the operation.

“We look forward to supporting the continuing growth and success of this committed and innovative company.”