Columbia Farms adopt SmartCare™ in the USA: A 360° approach to hatchery service and support

23 January 2017

Columbia Farms adopt SmartCare™ in the USA: A 360° approach to hatchery service and support

House of Raeford’s affiliate Columbia Farms is the first of NatureForm and Pas Reform’s customers in the USA to adopt SmartCare™, a new 360° approach to delivering service and support for the hatchery.

The Lifetime Services contract has been created in partnership with Columbia Farms’ management team, to deliver a range of services over the next five years that has been selected specifically by Columbia for the company’s state-of-the-art SmartPro™ hatchery in Monetta, South Carolina.

Complex manager Jim Mabe headed the team that worked with NatureForm and Pas Reform to create Columbia Farms’ SmartCare™ package. He says: “The Monetta facility is a state-of-the-art hatchery - and when we made the decision for SmartPro™ setters, hatchers, HVAC and automation, we signed up to levels of technological advancement that would ensure we deliver the best possible birds for our network of growers.

“High levels of technical support and backup from NatureForm in Jacksonville were a vital ingredient of our ultimate decision - and SmartCare™ brings another level to that for us, with a package that we’ve been able to select according to our own, very specific needs.”

SmartCare™ has, says NatureForm’s president Steve Warren, been developed to deliver an assurance of efficient, uninterrupted performance at every level of hatchery operations.

“SmartCare is a 360° approach through which we share our knowledge, people, expertise and experience at every stage of planning, building and commissioning - and far beyond”, he says.

“It’s designed to support all the key life stages of any hatchery project, to optimize performance in every area of the facility, for the highest numbers of best quality chicks.”

Supporting three key ‘life stages’ of a hatchery project

SmartCare™ incorporates three key pillars of service provision, to support three key ‘life stages’ of a hatchery project: the planning, project and lifetime stages. Crucially, customers are able to select any of the options available in each pillar, to create a customized package that specifically meets their own, particular service and support needs.

SmartCare™ Planning services

Building or modifying a hatchery requires expertise across varied disciplines, from design and layout, engineering and specification, to developing accurate calculations for the hatchery’s ideal design, manpower and energy needs. All these skills are required not only to configure and set up the hatchery successfully, but also to project its future needs - and returns.

With six service options, SmartCare™ Planning Services support the hatchery’s crucial planning phase. And based on many years’ knowledge and experience, NatureForm and Pas Reform’s specialist teams can help to define a solution that meets the specific needs and circumstances of the individual hatchery, even providing a compelling, confident business case for Boards, banks and investors.

SmartCare™ Project services

With the planning phase completed, different skills, disciplines and timelines need to be aligned to deliver the vision of an extended, refurbished or brand new hatchery.

In this pillar, six project management, engineering and training services have been created to help steer the project smoothly through construction - on time and on budget - right through to startup and the delivery of the first hatch.

SmartCare™ Lifetime services

With every hatchery solution from NatureForm and Pas Reform, customers have the option to set up a Lifetime Service Agreement, structured to ensure optimal performance and accuracy for every hatch cycle. With this in place, NatureForm and Pas Reform proactively provide preventive service and parts, software upgrades and improvements, as well as post-installation training and direct access to the support and expertise of Pas Reform Academy.

Tailored service and support

SmartCare™ services have grown out of the experience of working with more than 1,000 hatcheries around the world.

Designed to complement the full, integrated range of incubation, climate control and hatchery automation solutions, SmartCare™ has been created to help maintain an efficient, smooth-running hatchery, for the highest numbers of best quality day old chicks.

Within its Planning, Project and Lifetime pillars, there are 21 service categories to choose from, to create a unique package of support, tailored specifically to the individual hatchery’s needs, both as they look today - and to take care of the future.


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