Natureform Hatchery Technologies spotlight: Senior Engineering Manager

5 January 2017

Natureform Hatchery Technologies spotlight: Senior Engineering Manager

Challenged with ever-increasing opportunities for new product development NatureForm Hatchery Technologies has requested Clifford Maycott to assume the role of Senior Engineering Manager. In this key role, Clifford’s responsibilities include the continuing development of SmartPro™ NF single stage incubation equipment, as well as leading R&D to expand NatureForm’s technologies internationally and further into the Pharmaceutical sector.

Commenting on the appointment, NatureForm’s president Steve Warren said: “Clifford has been with us for many years and has an intimate understanding of the product line. In managing this critical segment of NatureForm’s strategic plans, Clifford will continue to develop our top performing single stage incubation equipment.”

Clifford will also lead the development of specialized equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, to support NatureForm’s growth as a global supplier of vaccine equipment.

With more than 40 years’ experience in technical and commercial environments, Clifford was Director of Operations for Florida-based B/E Aerospace and Chatham Processing before joining NatureForm Hatchery Technologies. He studied Manufacturing Engineering and Business Management, and is a Certified Manager holdng two degrees. Clifford’s many years of experience in product development and R&D roles for demanding, high specification industries are highly compatible with the demands of his new role. He says:

“NatureForm has always strived to develop and deliver the best hatchery equipment in the world and it is that culture of continuous improvement that makes this such an exciting environment.

“Working now also with our Dutch colleagues at Pas Reform, we will continue to develop total hatchery solutions that deliver the highest quality and best performance in the industry.”

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