New publications from Pas Reform

1 January 2012

New publications from Pas Reform

Four new publications are now available from Pas Reform, that together describe SmartPro™, Pas Reform’s next generation incubator for the future-focused hatchery.

These concise, fully illustrated, full-color publications include:

SmartPro™ introduces Pas Reform’s latest and most advanced development for modular single-stage incubation to date: a solution that enables Circadian Incubation™.

Circadian Incubation™ discusses the latest developments in modular single-stage equipment, to support the use of thermal stimulation for highly uniform batches of robust, high quality chicks in the future-focused hatchery.

Pas Reform Academy includes a series of specialist articles, written to provide essential tools that help the hatchery manager achieve optimized performance in modern hatchery practice.

Pas Reform Times contains news and information from Pas Reform around the world, as well as a number of specialist articles and features.

Pas Reform’s new publications are available free of charge, either by download from Pas Reform online at, or by emailing with your request for printed copies.