Russia’s Agrofirma “Oktyabrskaya” confirms SmartPro™ for latest expansion

3 May 2016

Russia’s Agrofirma “Oktyabrskaya” confirms SmartPro™ for latest expansion

Agrofirma “Oktyabrskaya” is extending its poultry operations for the third time in succession, with the construction of a new SmartPro™ single-stage hatchery that will create 100 new jobs and produce 45 million eggs annually.

The new hatchery, which will be located in the Republic of Mordovia, in Russia’s Lyambirskiy District, will include 10 SmartSetPro™ 6 and 18 SmartSetPro™ 4 setters, all equipped with Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF™), to actively manage the environment in the setters for uniform embryonic development.

The contract also includes Hatchery Automation Systems from Pas Reform, with a points-down precision egg setting line and Pas Reform’s innovative, SmartCount™ system, that uses vision-technology to gently count, vaccinate and analyze the day-old chicks.

Hatchery owner Mr. Andin is leading the company’s development. With a deep understanding of changes and advancements in the poultry sector, Agrofirma Oktyabrskaya has, he says, earned its reputation as a modern enterprise by using the latest technologies to achieve the highest standards in production.

“Oktyabrskaya is among Russia’s top suppliers of high quality poultry meat and products,” he says. “With such a commitment to quality, we were rigorous in choosing a partner who would not only provide reliability, sustainability and innovative technologies in our new hatchery - but one that would also support us at every stage of the project and its development.”

Pas Reform’s project management team will provide a full package of engineering support, including technical drawings and specifications for the new facility, while Pas Reform Academy is scheduled to deliver a program of hatchery management training for Oktyabrskaya’s personnel.

Wim Schaafsma, managing director of Pas Reform Russia, concludes: “Mr. Andin and his team are looking to the future with Smart™ technologies and it is a privilege to be working with them. We are proud to have been awarded this project and look forward to contributing to Oktyabrskaya’s future growth and success.”


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Willem Schaafsma, General Director, Pas Reform Russia