Ecuador’s Incupasaje chooses SmartPro™ technologies for its new hatchery expansion

26 April 2022

Ecuador’s Incupasaje chooses SmartPro™ technologies for its new hatchery expansion

Photo L-R: Jimmy Rios & Klever Larriva Alvarado, Incupasaje Cia. Ltda

Incupasaje Cia. Ltda, one of Ecuador’s leading incubation groups, has chosen to invest in Royal Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ technologies again for its major hatchery expansion project in Cuenca, located in El Oro province, southern Ecuador.

Incupasaje first installed a complete SmartPro™ single-stage incubation system from Royal Pas Reform at Pasaje five years ago. This next phase development will see construction of a completely new, green-field hatchery. It will include SmartPro™ setters, SmartPro™ hatchers, and a climate control system – including buffer tank and chillers.

“We have had a difficult year in Ecuador as a result of the Covid pandemic,” says Jimmy Rios, President and MD of Incupasaje. “We used the time to streamline our operations. Now, we are really able to look forward and take the next step for our company. We see a clear improvement in the market at the moment and feel it is the right time to restore our five-year strategic investment programme. A new hatchery with additional capacity is needed to support our growth ambitions in Ecuador.

“We needed state-of-the-art equipment, but also a preventive maintenance package, with the training that goes with it. Our positive experience working with Royal Pas Reform since 2012 and seeing its product quality, technical skills and after sales support at first-hand, clearly confirmed to us that it is a world-leading, one-stop supplier of integrated hatchery solutions – and this made our decision to work with them again an easy one.”

Ranulfo Ortiz, Royal Pas Reform’s business development manager in Latin America, comments: “We are very excited that we have concluded this project with Incupasaje in Ecuador. Not only will we deliver new machinery with the latest innovations, but we will also provide a SmartCare™ agreement as an integral part of the project.

“This will be a five-year collaboration – covering technical training, incubation consultancy and quarterly results discussions via Skype calls. In this way, we will see to it that our partnership delivers the best possible results for Incupasaje. This approach has been proven to substantially contribute towards our global promise to produce the highest numbers of superior chicks at customer level.”

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