Archer’s Poultry Farm is building for the future with new SmartPro™ hatchery in Canada

9 November 2016

Archer’s Poultry Farm is building for the future with new SmartPro™ hatchery in Canada

Archers Poultry, based in Brighton Ontario, is celebrating its 70th anniversary by building a new, integrated SmartPro™ layer hatchery with NatureForm HVAC system, to produce top quality Lohman day-old layer pullets for Ontario’s poultry farmers.

The family business, which is run today by the third-generation of Archers, chose to work with Pas Reform to achieve its ambition of creating Ontario’s leading hatchery, both in terms of efficiency and also to ensure maximum bio-security and traceability for its chicks.

The new hatchery, which is being built in nearby Trenton Ontario, is equipped with 10 SmartSetPro™-6 setters and 4 SmartSetPro™-3 setters – a configuration designed to accommodate flexibility in the delivery of day-old pullets. Six SmartHatchPro™ hatchers are located in each of two separate hatch rooms. The hatchery also features an integrated HVAC (Climate Control) system, based on a design from NatureForm, Pas Reform’s partner in North America.

The whole operation will be monitored and controlled by Pas Reform’s SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system. The web-based software will capture data from every layer of hatchery operations ¬– incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems – to chart, refine and report on every event, from the origin of the hatching eggs, to the receipt of chicks at the customers’ farms.

“The building has been designed to optimise work flow efficiencies and bio-security,” says Stuart Archer, president of Archer’s Poultry Farm. “Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ hatchers and setters have been developed with maximum bio-security in mind. Moreover, SmartCenterPro™ software is a powerful tool that enables us to deliver full traceability.

“We have been able to get the best of both worlds,” Stuart Archer explains, “by combining state-of-the-art setters and hatchers, both of which feature the latest incubation technologies, with a robust HVAC system that is designed to North American design principles.”

Archer's Poultry focuses on Lohmann LSL-LITE and BROWN-LITE birds. “Our goal has always remained the same,” concludes Mr Archer, “to provide the best birds, great advice and excellent products that contribute to growth and success for our customers.”

The hatchery is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2016, with its first delivery of day old pullets starting in 2017.


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