Koktas-Actobe expands hatchery with SmartPro™ from Pas Reform

6 June 2017

Koktas-Actobe expands hatchery with SmartPro™ from Pas Reform

Kazakhstan’s Koktas-Actobe hatchery has signed a contract with Pas Reform Russia to extend its hatchery operations with new SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. The expansion will bring the company’s total incubation capacity up to 3.5 million hatching eggs per year

As a fully automated, modular hatching system, SmartHatchPro™ incorporates Pas Reform’s patented Vortex™-based airflow system, to accurately regulate temperature, humidity and ventilation during the critical final days of incubation. The hatcher’s modular design also means that eggs of different ages need not be mixed and the hatch window can be optimized.

Situated in Kazakhstan’s Actubinskaya region, Koktas-Actobe has operated for 10 years and remains the only broiler integration in the region, with operations that include a 5,000t per hour feedmill, a slaughterhouse and broiler growing farms.

Prior to this expansion, the company supplied just under 70 per cent of the region’s demand for poultry but, says general director Ruslan Zhakupov, with this added capacity, the company will meet 100 per cent of regional demand.

“Our products are sold not only in Aktobe, but also in Atyrau, Aktau and throughout the West of Kazakhstan”, says Mr Zhakupov, “and we plan to broaden our distribution into both the Russian and Chinese markets.

“With that in mind, it was relatively easy to plan our hatchery expansion with Pas Reform, as we already have such a positive experience of working with them”, he concludes. “Pas Reform remains our hatchery partner of choice because we are always impressed by the quality and productivity of the equipment and with the service we receive.”

“It is a pleasure to work with Koktas-Aktobe again,” says Aigul Nurmagambetova, Pas Reform’s account manager in Kazakhstan. “The company continues to grow as a result of such a clear focus on quality and we are delighted to contribute to their continuing expansion for further success in the future.”