JSC Floreni on a Smart track for a million chicks a month

24 August 2015

JSC Floreni on a Smart track for a million chicks a month

Leading Moldavian poultry producer JSC Floreni will produce a record million chicks each month at its newly updated hatchery complex, with the commissioning of next-generation Smart™ single stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform.

The new installation, which includes nine SmartSetPro™ setters, each with a capacity of 82,944 hatching eggs, will, says company owner Mr Vladimir Saulschi, enable the scaling up of production to 12 million chicks a year and 1,200 t of poultry meat each month.

Originally founded in 1972 as the ‘Kishinev Poultry Farm’, JSC Floreni was the result of privatization and restructuring in 2000, with production from its two sites at Floreni and Tintareni. In 2010, with a change in its majority shareholding, came the opportunity to overhaul operations with substantial investment to create new broiler-rearing facilities, the modernization of its slaughterhouse and improvements in the quality of products being sold under the JSC Floreni trademark.

Today, the company is a leading producer of chicken and poultry meat products for the Moldavian market. Wholly-owned logistics have extended its branded retail operations to consumers throughout Moldova and into the Republic’s capital, Chisinau.

Choosing Pas Reform to partner the company’s ambitious plans for modernization and expansion was, says Mr Saulschi, a logical decision. “As the region’s absolute leader in the supply of incubation technologies, Pas Reform was the obvious and logical choice for us,” he says. “Our plans are progressive and focused on quality at every stage of our operations. Smart incubation, climate control and hatchery automation are making a very real contribution to our growth, improving hatching results and chick livability, while at the same time reducing our production costs.

“I would say that for us, this was a Smart decision on every level.”

Picture: Ms. Bita Bubuioc Odiseea, general director