Kuzbasskiy Broiler completes third phase of Smart expansion

28 April 2015

Kuzbasskiy Broiler completes third phase of Smart expansion

Kuzbasskiy Broiler Group, part of Volcov A.P., has achieved remarkable growth in less than five years, to expand from small-scale production to become a modern meat processing company with more than treble its original output.

The company meets all European security and quality requirements, setting a prime example of smart investment not only in its own business, but also for modern agribusiness development in the Kemerovo region. Both the company’s Novosafonovskaya and Plotnikovskaya poultry farms are modern, well-equipped facilities that have created employment for more than 1000 people.

Owner Anatoly Volcov says such outstanding results have been made possible by adopting innovative, future-focused technologies such as Pas Reform’s market-leading Smart incubation system, observing strict standards of hygiene and biosecurity and the work of well-trained personnel. “Quality is our best card,” he says, “The trademark “Kuzbasskiy broiler” is well-known and liked by customers and has delivered steady growth since we launched our own retail operations in 2010.

“Our retail channel is now being further expanded, with the launch of our first franchised operations in Novosibirsk city, in January of this year.”

Last year, Novosafonovskaya poultry farm expanded its hatchery operations by 10 million eggs per year, completing the third phase of Kuzbasskiy’s plans to meet the growing market demand.

The company’s collaboration with Pas Reform began in 2008, with the purchase, installation and commissioning of Smart single-stage equipment, climate control and hatchery automation systems to produce the first 9mln. hatching eggs per year. In subsequent years, phase two expansion added a further 11 mln eggs capacity and in its third and final phase, 10 mln. additional hatching egg capacity has been created.

Mr. Volcov concludes: “Pas Reform has proved to be an excellent partner for the realization of our plans.

"Smart hatchery planning by the project team from the very beginning has built-in the capacity for all three phases of our expansion, without the need for further significant investments into the hatchery buildings.”

Picture: Mr. Volcov