Produkty Pitania Group commissions Pas Reform Russia for the new hatchery

23 May 2017

Produkty Pitania Group commissions Pas Reform Russia for the new hatchery

Produkty Pitania Group, Russia’s largest manufacturer of semi-finished, ready-to-eat and frozen poultry and poultry meat products, has commissioned Pas Reform Russia to install SmartPro™ hatchery technologies in a new state-of-the-art, 41 million eggs per year hatchery.

The Group, which comprises LLC Produkty Pitania Plant, LLC Gusevsky canned foods and LLC TPK Baltptitseprom, has commissioned the new hatchery on its 86 hectare site in Kaliningrad region. TPK Baltptitseprom is the region’s sole producer of broiler chicken meat and chicken meat products, including semi-finished products and sausages.

SmartPro™ incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems are included in the new installation, says Pas Reform Russia’s general director Wim Schaafsma. “This level of technology and innovation will not only increase production efficiencies and production quality,” he says, “but it signals a new and enhanced level of development for poultry production in this region.”

While developing the project, great attention was paid, says Anna Kolygina, Pas Reform Russia’s commercial director, to achieving the highest standards of hygiene and bio-security throughout the hatchery, which is regarded as the heart of the production complex.

“The most advanced ergonomic solutions and high-quality materials are used in all hatchery equipment, which will enable Produkty Pitania Group to reduce both its maintenance and operational expenses,” she says. Pas Reform Academy will also provide ongoing support, by monitoring equipment, operations and incubation parameters and providing a full hatchery management training program at Pas Reform’s dedicated training center in the Netherlands.

Aside from the hatcheries, the integration’s onsite facilities include a feed mill, poultry farms and a new, fully automated slaughterhouse, as well as sausage production and the infrastructure to maintain such a large, modern facility.

In November 2016, expansion of the poultry complex started with the construction of a new farm incorporating 20 chicken houses, to bring total production capacity up to 26,000 tons chicken meat per year. When the expansion project is complete, that figure will rise to 36,000 tons annually, increasing meat production in Kaliningrad region by 38 per cent. The project is being implemented with the support of Rosselkhozbank and construction is due for completion in November this year.

Produkty Pitania Group’s business development strategy is one of continual investment in product quality, technology and production, with new projects to expand product ranges. With its own network of 80 ‘Fresh Market’ retail outlets, the Group sells product under a number of brand names, including Zolotoy Petushok, Rossiyskaya Corona, Domashnyaya Skazka, Baltptitseprom, Fresh Product, Hot Team and Perfetto.

“Millions of Russians choose our products and that demand continues to grow,” says Group CEO Stefano Vlahovich.”Further investment in our poultry complex is wholly based on such positive business results.

“Equipped with the latest hatchery technologies, our poultry farm will be one of the most advanced in Europe, enabling us to increase both the range and volume of high-quality poultry products that we can supply.”


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