Aviagen awarded level one breeder status in Russia

6 November 2014

Aviagen awarded level one breeder status in Russia

Aviagen LLC, the company’s Russian business unit, was recently awarded ‘level one breeder status’ by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

This prestigious certification with respect to Parent Stock (PS) production confirms the high quality of the Aviagen LLC facilities.

The certification process is robust, taking over three months, with technology, egg quality, transportation, hatchability, economic performance and employee biosecurity all taken into account. The award underpins the high quality of birds supplied from eggs produced in Russia.

The recognition of Aviagen's work in Russia follows a long term investment programme which is set to continue in order to keep up with the demand for Ross and Arbor Acres products in the country.

In 2009 Aviagen started construction of the Yasnogorsk hatchery in the Tula region and the facility was opened in 2010. Further investments in farms have taken place since 2011 to contribute to the self-sufficiency of the Russian Federation with broiler breeding stock. The locally sourced stock is produced under the same high level of biosecurity control that is applied to all Aviagen breeding farms world-wide and all facilities are in 100 % ownership by Aviagen. In 2015 more GP farms are planned in order to keep up with the consistently high demand for Ross and Arbor Acres breeding stock.

"Both the Ross 308 and Arbor Acres bird have shown exceptional performance in Russia which has specific challenges, particularly the high deviation in temperatures from winter to summer," said Valery Starodubtsev, general manager, Aviagen LLC.

"We are delighted to have had our hard work recognised not only by our customers but by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and we will continue to invest in our farms, people and technology to meet the rising demand in the market."

Head vet at Aviagen LLC, Svetlana Polyakova, accepted the certificate on behalf of the company. It is an on-going assessment which is renewed every four years and a status that Aviagen alone enjoys in Russia.

Source: WORLD POULTRY Oct 13, 2014