Setter tray dispenser [DEPUBLISHED ERWIN]

To automatically destack and transport individual setter trays to the egg setting station

Setter tray dispenser [DEPUBLISHED ERWIN]Setter tray dispenser [DEPUBLISHED ERWIN]


Destacking and transporting individual setter trays to the egg setting station automatically speeds up the setting process, while also reducing fatigue for operators.

Used in combination with the vacuum egg lifter, the setter tray dispenser allows for the ergonomic transfer of hatching eggs from transport- to setter trays. Stacks of empty setter trays are easily loaded into the dispenser and its compact design allows for flexible positioning inside the hatchery. Robust, easy to clean stainless steel construction.

How it works

  • A stack of setter trays is manually loaded into the setter tray dispenser
  • Setter trays are destacked one at a time to the operator, who then sets the eggs using a vacuum egg lifter
  • The loaded tray is then moved to the end of the conveyor and the tray dispenser resets automatically to dispense the next setter tray
  • A second operator loads the full setter trays into the setter trolleys


Technical specifications

TypeTwo or Three-man operation
Connection value0.6 - 0.9 kW
Minimum dimensions3,470 x 642 x 1060 mm
MaterialStainless steel AISI 304 (where applicable)
IncludesConveyor belt, suction heads


Setter tray dispenser [DEPUBLISHED ERWIN]

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