UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

To provide emergency power in the event of mains power failure

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


Provides single-phase emergency power for up to 30 minutes in the event of mains power failure, while also preventing power surges to the controller. Connected to a UPS battery (also available from Pas Reform) or a central UPS hatchery system.

Models provide enough battery backup power to work through short length power shortage or failures. Safeguards equipment from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and data lines.

How it works

  • Keeps critical electronic equipment running during power outage or in the event of dangerous fluctuations, to protect your work and save your data
  • When the UPS system detects a power failure or change in distribution, the battery inside the UPS takes over the power supply to critical components in the hatchery
  • Periodic self-testing identifies when the battery needs to be replaced, to ensure that the unit is ready whenever you need it

Technical specifications

BK 350350VA / 210W Output capacity
BK 500500VA / 300W Output capacity
BK 650650VA / 400W Output capacity
Utility output voltage / frequency 230V / 47-63Hz
Battery output voltage / frequency 230V +/- 8%, 50 or 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Output connections 4 IEC 320 C13 outlets
Unit dimensions (HxWxD) 165 x 91 x 284 mm
Battery type Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery, leak proof


UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

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