Candling and take-out system

For automatically candling and removing infertile eggs

Candling and take-out systemCandling and take-out system


Automatic candling of hatching eggs directly from setter trays identifies the status of eggs on six different levels. Fertile, dead and infertile eggs (clears) are recorded into a database and non-hatching eggs are removed automatically.

Candling data is stored in exportable files, to create valuable fertility information for each batch or hatching egg supplier. Removed eggs can be discharged into a hopper for extraction via a vacuum system, or be transported directly into a waste container. Alternatively, infertile eggs can be manually or automatically packed onto 30 egg trays for alternative saleable use

How it works

  • Eggs are automatically transferred in a setter tray via conveyor to the candling area
  • The light sensor in the candling unit scans the eggs in the tray to reveal whether eggs are fertile, infertile, early dead, late dead or clear
  • This data is recorded into a database for review and reference
  • Infertile eggs are automatically removed
  • Setter trays with remaining eggs continue for transfer into hatcher baskets

Technical specifications

Capacity90,000 eggs per hour
Installed power3.4 kW
Air consumption8.3 litre/min at 7 bar
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2800 x 2370 x 2070 mm (excl. conveyors)
Weight900 kg
MaterialStainless steel AISI304 (where applicable)
Candling levelsEmbryo (normal developed), embryo (late developed), late dead, early dead, infertile (clear), empty egg position


Candling and take-out system

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