Hatch window module: CO2 responsive automation to optimize the hatch window



SmartWatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically, from the day of transfer through to the hatching of the last chicks, eliminating any need for human intervention.

By advanced control of humidity and COinside the hatcher, SmartWatch™ is a unique tool for hatch window control. The hatch window is easily monitored and optimised, creating ideal conditions for the chicks to hatch, to deliver better uniformity and chick quality.

How it works

  • The SmartWatch™ module finely controls ventilation in the hatcher based on a programmable CO setpoint, from the moment of transfer to the moment of chick take-off
  • The valve position is gradually increased throughout the hatching process, avoiding the risk of excessive ventilation
  • By monitoring the natural increase in relative humidity as the chicks emerge from their shells, ideal conditions are created for a shorter hatch window.
  • Eventually relative humidity reaches its peak and starts to decline again, as the chicks dry. Field trials have proven that > 95 % of chicks will have hatched between an increase of relative humidity over set point, to a 3% decline from peak humidity: the so called ‘hatch peak’
  • When the chicks have dried after the decline of relative humidity (programmable between 6 – 12 hours) - a ‘hatch alert’ flashes on the screen of the SmartTouch™ user interface to indicate, without opening the door of the hatcher, that the chicks are ready for pulling

Technical specifications

Material cover Anodized aluminium for easy cleaning
IncludingFully integrated sensor box, with high precision electronic humidity and CO2 control
Hatch alert notification



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