SmartStart™ semi-moist feed

To provide the new-born chick with nutrition and hydration in a single formulation

SmartStart™ semi-moist feed


The semi-moist SmartStart™ feed provides the optimal combination of nutrients and water to support the chicks’ gut health, metabolism and immune systems. Formulated with a scent and colour that chicks find appealing, SmartStart™ feed performs well in the warm conditions of the hatcher and provides a safe, convenient and hygienic feeding solution.

How it works

Semi-moist feed

  • Soft crumble feed with high water content
  • Combining nutrition and hydration in a single feed formulation
  • Based on a proven starter feed
  • Containing easily digestible lipids, proteins and carbohydrates to provide the new-born chick with essential nutrients for growth and development
  • Attractive fragrances and red-coloured ingredients, easy for the chicks to find
  • Fixed feed : water ratio prevents gut-health problems caused by excessive water consumption
  • Added preservatives and water-binding agents control microbial quality

Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADES)

  • A patented, nutritional compound that retains water in the semi-moist feed
  • Hygroscopic and stable composition locks-in water naturally
  • First discovered in seeds of desert plants
  • Made from natural sugars mixed with small amounts of vitamins and water

Technical specifications

Volume25 kg boxes consisting of two 12,5 kg bags
Shelf life6 months after production date
Storage conditionsCool and dry
Safety standardGMP+ approved
Non-GMO ingredients only
Quality controlEach production batch tested for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae


SmartStart™ semi-moist feed

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