Sexing carousel

For the efficient sexing of day old chicks

Sexing carousel


This durable, stainless steel carousel creates a well-organised work flow with up to 12 ergonomic, comfortable operator stations for the efficient feather, colour or vent (cloaca) sexing of day old chicks.

Designed to optimise animal friendly individual gender identification, a flexible chick inlet conveyor connection allows for easy positioning in any chick handling room. Two separate chick discharge conveyors are perfectly suited for connection to automatic chick counting and boxing systems and the separate further handling of day old chicks sorted by gender.

How it works

  • Feather and colour sexing carousel: Specifically for feather and colour sexing, this option includes a slowly rotating trough, which the chicks drop into when they pass from the take-off room by conveyor into the sexing area. Up to twelve positions allow each operator to place sexed male and female chicks into two stainless steel cones in the centre of the table. The sexed chicks then pass via take-off conveyors to the next station in the automation process
  • Vent (cloaca) sexing carousel: With an alternative design for vent (cloaca) sexing, this option incorporates a driven, rotating trough into which the chicks are placed by the operators. – Each work station can be easily adjusted either to left- or right-handed operation, as required
  • Operator positions include two trays to separate male and female chicks, a light fixture with socket-outlet and an adjustable droppings pot
  • Chicks are passed sideways and can be retrieved if successful sexing is in doubt
  • Stainless steel cones in the centre of the carousel are connected to two take-off conveyors, to transport the sexed day olds to the next station in the automation process

Technical specifications

Available forFeather or Cloaca sexing
Capacity 6, 9 or 12 works stations
Installed power 0.6 kW
Material Durable, easy cleanable stainless steel AISI304
IncludingTwo separate chick discharge conveyors for male and female day old chicks


Sexing carousel

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